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For over 160 years Antioch University has been a leader in progressive education, making a difference in the lives of children, adults, and families by transforming the traditional classroom. Through experiential learning, small class sizes, and collaborative learning environments, we’ve created a set of credentials that help you become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be. Classes are student-centered, problem-based, experiential, and hands-on with a deep commitment to educational equity, inclusion, and social justice. Whether you seek teacher certification, a graduate certificate or a master’s degree, we have a pathway for growth that will sustain you as you create learning environments that are dynamic and joyful where every child can fulfill their potential and succeed. Concentrations include Integrated STEAM Education,  Problem-Based Learning, Educational Technology Integrator, Library Media, Mindfulness for Educators, Educating for Sustainability,  Principal's Certification, and Self Designed.